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School Plays and Musical Productions: Reviews

We have GREAT FEEDBACK on our Primary School Musical Plays...

Christmas Musicals - you said:

"We thought 'One Bright Night' was a superb production ! It has all the necessary ingredients - not too long, plenty of parts ...an important message, a dash of humour and delightful, catchy songs."
(Badgerbrook Primary, Leicestershire)

School Christmas Plays - you told us:

"Our kids have performed 'One Bright Night' and now 'The Puzzled Penguin' and they fit our school so well ! Thank you so much !"
(CornerStone Christian Academy, Idaho)

Primary School Christmas Songs - you said:

" 'This Is Christmas' was an absolutely fantastic resource for our school Christmas play. It enabled our whole school to take part ...and was pitched perfectly for our children."
(Willows Primary, North East Lincolnshire)

Christmas Assembly Productions - you told us:

"Our assembly was based on 'The Puzzled Penguin', which went well ...it saved many hours of work ...the songs were brilliant, as was the script."
(Horsell Junior, Surrey)

Key Stage 1 and KS 2 Musical Resources - you said:

"The drama of it was excellent, and we very successfully did it with the whole school, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2."
(Feering C of E Primary, Essex)

Great opportunities for small group singing - you told us:

"We did this performance with a small group of Year 4 actors and the rest of the school singing and it was a great success."
(Amble First School, Northumberland)

Christmas Plays - Involve the whole class - you said:

"Listening to the clips on your website, we teachers were immediately hooked on 'One Bright Night' ...A whole class of 9-10 year olds were the backing choir ...we found the play very easy to stage."
(Nether Currie Primary, Edinburgh)

Musical Nursery Nativity Plays and Early Years Nativity Ativities - last year you told us:

"We always struggle to find an Early Years Nativity play / musical to perform that is easy to learn and easy for our nursery children to remember. Any plans to write one ?" Well it's great news on the Nursery Nativity Play front... now we've written AN EASY CHEESY NATIVITY, an Early Years Nativity for Christmas - ideal for pre-school, nursery and Foundation Stage to perform this Christmas. It is cleverly led by your own teacher-narrator. Read more on our Nursery Nativity Play.
(Director - Music for Schools Ltd.)


Easter Productions: Plays For Children - Primary School Assemblies - Plays

Easter Plays for Children - you said:

"Simply brilliant. It was the first time we've ever been able to use a script and songs without changing a thing. Excellent."
(Engayne Primary, Havering)

Easter Assembly Songs - you told us:

"...Great songs that the children loved ! Very easy format to follow. Overall, it brought Easter to life in a very modern way that was thoroughly enjoyable to perform."
(Beech Green Primary, Gloucestershire)

Easter Musicals for Children - you said:

"One of our performances was in the presence of the Bishop of Gibraltar who was full of praise for the 'refreshingly innovative' way that the story was portrayed. We would strongly recommend it to any school looking for a fresh take on the Passion play."
(Loreto Convent School, Gibraltar)

Kids Songs for Easter - you told us:

"We recently sang 'Sing Easter'. The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed it and we found it easy to teach - the CD is invaluable. An easy child friendly way of learning the Easter story. Thank you !"
(Culham Parochial C of E School, Oxfordshire)

Easter Musicals for Children - you said:

"I just wanted to let you know that we performed 'Sing Easter' on 8th April and it was wonderful - touching and inspirational. My staff were particularly pleased that the children really got to know the Easter Story, identifying the events and characters in a way that would have been much more difficult as part of formal lessons."
(Sacred Heart Primary, Midlothian)

Primary School Songs for Easter Assemblies - you said:

"Thank you for providing us with such a well written and fun re-telling of the Easter story. ...It is a sensitive story that you dealt with really well."
(Hillsgrove Primary, Kent)

Primary School Leavers Musicals

School Plays for ages 10-11 (Year 6)

See our range of plays and musicals for school leavers HERE.