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Here We Go Round The Christmas Tree


Modern Christmas songs about the Christmas tree - set to familiar tunes.

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NEW  :  14 easy-to-learn Christmas Songs (double CD) for ages 3 to 9  -  set to familiar tunes!

£ 14.99   **Includes free performance licence for your school.**

A collection of modern tree-themed songs set to familiar nursery rhyme tunes (plus 3 Christmas favourites!) for a really easy solution to your Christmas performance - suitable for ages 3 to 9. Each magical step of decorating the Christmas tree is captured in these sparkling songs - from putting on the lights, the baubles and tinsel - then the chocolate shapes, crackers and little stars; finally, the fairy on the top and the presents underneath! ALSO the songs feature some important reflection upon baby Jesus and the Christmas story, making this whole collection a perfect balance of festive fun and symbolism for your nativity performance. This DOUBLE CD resource comes with access to a full online e-booklet of the song lyrics, staging ideas and great COLOUR-IN PICTURES for younger ones to enjoy.

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Here We Go Round The Tree
Christmas Presents
Chocolate Shapes
Shiny Baubles
Twinkle Twinkle Little Lights
Gold And Silver Tinsel
Little Stars
Bang Goes The Cracker
Soldiers Standing Tall
Think Of Baby Jesus
I Wish I Was A Fairy
Away In A Manger
Jingle Bells
A Merry Christmas


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" Let's decorate the tree! "  PLUS a traditional nativity scene ending!

These sparkly songs follow the gradual structure of 'decorating a Christmas tree'  -  and towards the end you can easily include the staging of your favourite nativity scene ending (if preferred) to help involve more of your young performers. Here We Go Round The Christmas Tree song collection is a perfect balance of fun and important reflection upon the meaning of Christmas.

Includes 'singing supported' backing tracks  -  "now that's clever"

CD1 presents all songs in full to 'listen & learn', whilst CD2 offers two kinds of backing track: i) just instrumental, to accompany more confident singers and 2) 'singing-supported' backing tracks which feature a quiet background mix of young singers, to help boost your own children's singing during their performance. We've intentionally recorded typical children's voices to help blend in with your own singers.

Full song lyrics, staging ideas and 'colour-in' pictures in the FREE online e-booklet

Sample Pages from Here We Go Round The Christmas Tree - Christmas Nativity Songs for ages 3 to 9Purchasers are given free access to an accompanying 24-page e-booklet of full song lyrics, staging ideas and engaging 'COLOUR-IN' pictures for your younger children to enjoy. The e-booklet may be copied, downloaded, projected by the purchaser.  VIEW SAMPLE BOOKLET PAGES HERE !


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Free Performance Licence*

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